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Discover the 7 keys to better productivity

in the machining of industrial vehicle components by downloading our white paper.

  • Up to 50% machining time reduction.

  • Downtime to minimum.

  • High availability rates.

  • Serial or batch production. 

  • Great precision.

  • Unattended production. 

  • Simple to handling. 

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 We try to find partnerships which are long term, and we felt that the values of Soraluce, the way of operating, solving our problems, was a good fit for PONSSE. We have been investing in Soraluce technology ever since.

Nowadays, thanks to the Soraluce palletized system for machining of booms and frames of harvesters, zero set-up times makes our production flow. 

Dr. Juho Nummela, President-CEO at Ponsse

What will you find?

Solution for key components

Solution for machining key parts of bulldozers, harvesters, forwarders and mobile cranes:

  • Arms
  • Booms
  • Buckets
  • Frames

Adapted to your volume scenario

  • TR1 & TR2 manufacturing companies with large variety of components.
  • OEM with high production volume and large variety of components.

Find your manufacturing solution

  • Individual floor type milling boring machine adaptable to different workpieces.
  • Duplex milling boring machine to double production.
  • Pendulum solutions, incorporating multiple workstations, getting zero downtime.
  • Fully automated and palletized system for continuous production flow.
  • Customized solutions.